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We can define social work as any activity which is for the benefit of a particular population in the society. Not all the people in our society have the access to basic facilities to live a normal life. That is why there are several NGOs and other organizations which helps think kind of people in various ways. 

Nowadays most people are working in order to make their own life better and full of facilities, there are many people who do not have enough guidance or education to do the same. In India, we can say that rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. If this will be case forever, we society as a whole will not survive for longer, as there will be vast difference in people in all the aspects.

People are getting aware about these things. So now it is the time to take action. From psychological point of view, helping other people or any act of kindness will leave positive impact in your mindset. Even a small step towards helping other can make big different in a long run. 

There are many factors or areas where we as a social worker can contribute for the betterment of other people’s lives. One of them is education. Many of the people does to not have the access to quality education or the kind of education that can help them become independent. For that, a social worker can provide various training sessions in various areas such as tailoring, basic computer skills, writing skills, communication skills, accounting skills, and many more. 

Another factor on which one can help other people is hygiene. People who have little or no access of health related guidance have difficult time in maintaining physical hygiene.  While working in social work domain one can train people in importance of hygiene, how to maintain physical health, and also how to prevent themselves from various deceases. 

Another area in which most people are active but still it requires more work is food. As a social worker one can make sure that all people get good quality of food and they do not have to sleep with hungry stomach. This also includes spreading awareness to people who already have facilities. Making them aware about the situation that many people in the society are facing. 

To conclude we should understand that, only by helping other we as a society will grow as a whole and not just part of it. 

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