Hello, CA students. We are extremely happy to announce that we have published our KDP books on Amazon for CA foundation economics students. We have just begun our journey and our motto is to spread knowledge and guide the students so that they can achieve success. We have noticed that sometimes a particular topic requires more attention from students, so keeping that in mind, we have prepared a series of KDP for each chapter.

  1. The first chapter is titled “The nature and scope of business economics.” After going through this chapter, you will understand: The meaning of economics; the nature and scope of business economics; problems faced by an economy; different economies’ solving their problems; and the role of the price mechanism in solving these problems. We have used simple language so that you can understand it easily. We have incorporated a summary also, so please go through our book. We have given a glossary for your understanding in a systematized manner to learn better. Don’t forget to test your knowledge with questions taken from past year’s papers in our book. The weightage for the nature and scope of business economics is 9–12 marks. We hope this will help you to succeed in your upcoming exams. Find the link below:
  2. Next in the series, we have the theory of demand and supply. After going through this chapter , you will understand : The meaning of demand, determinants of demand, the law of demand, the difference between the movement along the demand curve and the shift along the demand curve, the definition of elasticity of demand, price, cost, and income elasticities; determinants of elasticity; forecasting of demand; the meaning of utility; the law of diminishing marginal utility; the concept of consumer surplus; the indifference curve, price line, and consumer equilibrium; meaning of supply; determinants of supply; elasticity of supply; the law of supply; the meaning of supply; and determining price using the concepts of demand and supply. In this chapter, various schedules and diagrams have been incorporated. Please go through the diagrams in our book. The weightage for the theory of demand and supply is 10–12 marks. Find the link below:
  3. Next in the series, we have the theory of production and cost. After going through this chapter , you will understand: The meaning of production, factors of production, laws of production (i.e., law of variable proportions, returns to scale), producer’s equilibrium, cost concepts, and various types of costs, such as short-run and long-run costs, average, fixed, marginal, and variable costs, economies and diseconomies of scale. Various examples have been included in this book in order to better understand the topic. The weightage of this topic is 10–12 marks. Find the link below:

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Our upcoming books:

4. Price determination in different markets

5. Business Cycles

We will update you soon.

If you want to learn more about small topics related to economics, then you can refer to our blogs posted on our website,


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