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Indian Premier League aka IPL -Beginning & Foundation

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE – All you want to know about

In India when we talk about cricket it’s not about batting, bowling and fielding. Cricket is played with utmost respect and every run scored and wicket taken or great fielding is cheered. We can proudly say in cricket the platform is open irrespective of your caste or creed. The Indian Premier League is one of the best examples of great competition with a series of awards, but awards are given only on the basis of Talent, Talent and only Talent and nothing else. You must be curious to know how the Indian Premier League was formed? Who formed it? The Indian Premier League was established in the year 2007 by the BCCI. Back in 2007 t20 cricket had just started. People were debating about t20 cricket with memes like now the result of cricket will be decided by way of a toss only. But there was one man in the background who was continuously striving hard with team India. Any guesses ? The one who was the most hardworking bowler for India? No problem, here you go, Venkatesh Prasad.

This year, IPL is back in India. We had very difficult times last year because of a pandemic, and it was shifted to the UAE. This year even two new  teams were added to the IPL with matches scheduled from 26.3.2022 to 29.05.2022. This time it’s the 15th edition and since its sponsors are Tata it will be known as TATA INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE 2022. 


Winning t20 was a great boost and acted as a brand ambassador for Lalit Modi the founder of Indian Premier League. Lalit Modi made an announcement on 13.09.2007, about the league. He started with 8 teams and then on top of that top businessmen and celebrities not only joined hands with the Indian Premier League but also played an active role in selection of their teams. And then what happened is just history till date. I still remember the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League was a treat to the eye. As an Indian, I felt very proud as I could smell something big happening in our motherland. The best part which I liked about the Indian Premier League was the exposure of international talent with India which ensured the Indian Premier League was not just an entertainment league, but it meant business. Please watch the below link for the opening ceremony of Ipl.


Credit: IPL Official

Then came the First  t20 world cup, held in South Africa in the year 2007. The Indian team were underdogs, but we had the most hardworking team and Never to forget MR. Cool captain, MS. Dhoni. In cricket, you need dedication, determination and devotion, which were the best friends of this 2007 team and a leader as cool as MS. Dhoni. Then came the semi-finals VS. Australia and India won. Now India reached finals VS. Pakistan. India won the match  to be the first T20 champions, and t20 was the new cricket in India. We could see celebrations all round in India, with Bollywood also joining for celebrations. Let’s watch the winning moments of the 2007 world cup.


Video Credit: The sport Channel

The topic we talk about Ventakash Prasad, the Sohil gate incident comes to our mind. What are you waiting for? Let’s refresh our memories. Please watch the video below.

Video Credit: Cricket Blog

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