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Storytelling Prompt Generator

Fantasy/Science Fiction:

  1. A world where dreams become reality, and nightmares can escape.
  2. An intergalactic war fought over control of a rare and powerful energy source.
  3. A protagonist who discovers they have the ability to time travel but with unintended consequences.
  4. In a dystopian future, a group of rebels fights against a totalitarian regime controlling minds.
  5. An alien civilization makes contact with Earth, seeking refuge from a cosmic threat.
  6. A magical artifact is the key to saving or dooming a kingdom.
  7. A cybernetic detective solves crimes in a futuristic city dominated by artificial intelligence.
  8. An astronaut discovers a mysterious signal on a distant planet.


  1. A detective investigates a series of murders with symbols pointing to an ancient secret society.
  2. A person receives anonymous messages predicting their future actions.
  3. A disappearance at a small-town carnival reveals a dark secret.
  4. A locked-room mystery where everyone is a suspect.
  5. A journalist investigates a haunted house and uncovers a conspiracy.
  6. A spy uncovers a plot to start a global conflict.
  7. A detective races against time to solve a crime before a storm erases all evidence.


  1. Childhood sweethearts reunite after years apart.
  2. A love story set against the backdrop of a traveling circus.
  3. Forbidden love between members of rival families.
  4. A matchmaking service with unexpected results.
  5. Love blossoms during a summer road trip.
  6. A romance between a human and a supernatural being.
  7. Two people find love through letters exchanged over the years.
  8. A second chance at love after a chance encounter.

Historical Fiction:

  1. A story set during the Renaissance, featuring a struggling artist.
  2. The life of a pirate navigating the high seas.
  3. A spy during World War II caught between love and duty.
  4. A slave seeking freedom during the Civil War.
  5. A romance set against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties.
  6. The construction of a famous landmark with a love story intertwined.
  7. A journey along the Silk Road with a diverse group of travelers.


  1. A family saga spanning multiple generations.
  2. A person discovers a long-lost sibling and the secrets surrounding their disappearance.
  3. A courtroom drama with a twist ending.
  4. A group of friends navigates the challenges of adulthood.
  5. A person confronts their past mistakes and seeks redemption.
  6. A workplace drama with intense rivalries and unexpected alliances.
  7. A teenager struggles with identity and self-acceptance.
  8. A family reunion filled with unresolved tensions and buried secrets.


  1. A group of friends starts a quirky business venture.
  2. A mistaken identity leads to a series of humorous misunderstandings.
  3. A workplace comedy set in a unique and eccentric office.
  4. A small town embarks on a hilarious mission to save their local landmark.
  5. A family road trip filled with comical mishaps.
  6. A group of strangers becomes unlikely allies in a chaotic situation.
  7. A comedy of errors during a high-stakes event.


  1. A haunted house with a dark history.
  2. A cursed object brings misfortune to those who possess it.
  3. A group of friends encounters supernatural entities in a remote location.
  4. A town with a terrifying secret.
  5. A psychological horror story exploring the thin line between reality and nightmare.
  6. A virus outbreak with horrifying consequences.
  7. A series of mysterious deaths in a small village.


  1. A treasure hunt across multiple continents.
  2. A group of explorers discovers a hidden, mythical land.
  3. A survival story in a post-apocalyptic world.
  4. An expedition to the depths of the ocean uncovers ancient mysteries.
  5. A journey through a magical portal to an alternate realm.
  6. A quest to retrieve a stolen artifact with the fate of the world at stake.
  7. A space exploration mission encounters unexpected challenges.

Coming of Age:

  1. A teenager’s summer job teaches them valuable life lessons.
  2. A young person embarks on a solo backpacking trip to find themselves.
  3. A teenager navigates the challenges of high school and first love.
  4. A group of friends embarks on a road trip before heading off to college.
  5. A coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a music festival.
  6. A young artist discovers their true passion and purpose.
  7. A teenager defies expectations to pursue their dreams.


  1. A hero with unconventional powers must save the world.
  2. The origin story of a reluctant superhero.
  3. A team of heroes with conflicting personalities must work together.
  4. A superhero who must balance their dual identity.
  5. A retired superhero is pulled back into action for one last mission.
  6. A villain with a tragic backstory seeks revenge.
  7. A superhero faces a moral dilemma that tests their principles.

Historical Fantasy:

  1. A story set in a world where magic is real during a historical period.
  2. A group of characters with supernatural abilities navigating a historical event.
  3. A time-traveling adventurer changes the course of history.
  4. A war between magical factions set against a historical backdrop.
  5. A legendary artifact with the power to alter historical events.
  6. A secret society with magical abilities influences historical figures.

Spy/ Espionage:

  1. A double agent working to expose a government conspiracy.
  2. A spy on a mission to prevent an international crisis.
  3. A group of spies with conflicting allegiances must cooperate to survive.
  4. A spy posing as a civilian becomes entangled in a web of lies.
  5. A technological espionage thriller with high-stakes cyber warfare.
  6. A retired spy forced back into action to unravel a complex plot.


  1. A lone gunslinger seeks justice in a lawless frontier town.
  2. A group of outlaws on the run from a relentless sheriff.
  3. A conflict over land ownership leads to a showdown at high noon.
  4. A mysterious stranger with a dark past rides into town.
  5. A sheriff must protect their town from a ruthless gang.
  6. A treasure hunt in the rugged wilderness.

Fairy Tale Retelling:

  1. A modern twist on Cinderella set in a bustling city.
  2. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a unique setting.
  3. A gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty with a fresh perspective.
  4. A dark and gritty version of Little Red Riding Hood.
  5. A retelling of The Little Mermaid with a focus on environmental themes.
  6. A futuristic reinterpretation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  7. A mashup of multiple fairy tales in a shared universe.

Time Travel:

  1. A person accidentally travels back in time and must find a way back.
  2. A team of scientists discovers a way to manipulate time with unintended consequences.
  3. A future society sends agents back in time to alter historical events.
  4. A person receives messages from their future self, guiding them through life.
  5. A time loop traps characters in a repeating sequence of events.
  6. A time-traveling romance that transcends different eras.

Space Opera:

  1. A galaxy-spanning war between multiple alien species.

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