When we talk about the Indian Premier League one question that comes to our mind is when is the  Indian Premier League going to start?  The answer to your question is that the Indian Premier League is starting from 26.3.2022 till 29.05.2022. So guys just lock your days from 26.3.2022 to 29.05.2022 as it’s going to be super duper fun and good news is the Indian Premier League is back in India. 

IPL timetable:

Match NoTeamsDateVenueTIME ( IST)
1Chennai Super KingsVS. Kolkata Knight Riders26.3.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
2Delhi CapitalsVS. Mumbai Indians27.3.2022Brabourne – CCI3.30 PM
3Punjab Kings VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore27.3.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
4Gujrat Titans VS. Lucknow Super Giants28.3.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
5Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Rajasthan Royals29.3.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
6Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Kolkata Knight Riders30.3.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
7Lucknow Super Giants VS. Chennai Super Kings31.3.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
8Kolkata Knight RidersVS. Punjab Kings 1.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
9Mumbai IndiansVS. Rajasthan Royals2.4.2022DY Patil Stadium3.30 PM
10Gujrat Titans VS. Delhi Capitals2.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
11Chennai Super Kings VS.Punjab Kings  3.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
12Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Lucknow Super Giants4.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
13Rajasthan Royals VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore5.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
14Kolkata Knight Riders VS. Mumbai Indians6.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
15Lucknow Super Giants VS. Delhi Capitals7.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
16Punjab Kings VS. Gujrat Titans8.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
17Chennai Super KingsVS. Sunrisers Hyderabad9.4.2022DY Patil Stadium3.30 PM
18Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Mumbai Indians9.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
19Kolkata Knight Riders VS. Delhi Capitals10,4.2022Brabourne – CCI3.30 PM
20Rajasthan Royals VS.Lucknow Super Giants10.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
21Sunrisers Hyderabad VS.Gujarat Titans 11.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
22Chennai Super Kings VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore 12.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
23Mumbai Indians VS. Punjab Kings13.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
24Rajasthan Royals VS. Gujrat Titans14.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
25Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Kolkata Knight Riders15.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
26Mumbai Indians VS. Lucknow Super Giants16.4.2022Brabourne – CCI3.30 PM
27Delhi Capitals VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore16.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
28Punjab Kings VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad17.4.2022DY Patil Stadium3.30 PM
29 Gujrat Titans VS. Chennai Super Kings17.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
30Rajasthan Royals VS. Kolkata Knight Riders18.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
31Lucknow Super Giants VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore19.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
32Delhi Capitals VS. Punjab Kings20.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
33Mumbai Indians VS. Chennai Super Kings21.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
34Delhi Capitals VS. Rajasthan Royals22.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
35Kolkata Knight RidersVS. Gujrat Titans 23.4.2022DY Patil Stadium3.30 PM
36Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad23.4.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
37Lucknow Super Giants VS. Mumbai Indians24.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
38Punjab Kings VS. Chennai Super Kings25.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
39Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Rajasthan Royals26.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
40Gujrat Titans VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad27.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
41Delhi Capitals VS. Kolkata Knight Riders28.4.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
42Punjab Kings VS. Lucknow Super Giants29.4.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
43Gujrat Titans VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore30.4.2022Brabourne – CCI3.30 PM
44Rajasthan Royals VS. Mumbai Indians30.4.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
45Delhi Capitals VS. Lucknow Super Giants1.5.2022Wankhede Stadium3.30 PM
46Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Chennai Super Kings1.5.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
47Kolkata Knight Riders VS. Rajasthan Royals 2.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
48Gujrat Titans VS. Punjab Kings3.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
49Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Chennai Super Kings4.5.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
50Delhi Capitals VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad5.5.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
51Gujrat Titans VS. Mumbai Indians6.5.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
52Punjab Kings VS. Rajasthan Royals7.5.2022Wankhede Stadium3.30 PM
53Lucknow Super Giants VS. Kolkata Knight Riders7.5.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
54Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Royal Challengers Bangalore 8.5.2022Wankhede Stadium3.30 PM
55Chennai Super Kings VS. Delhi Capitals8.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
56Mumbai Indians VS.  Kolkata Knight Riders9.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
57Lucknow Super Giants VS. Gujrat Titans10.5.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
58Rajasthan Royals VS. Delhi Capitals11.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
59Chennai Super Kings VS. Mumbai Indians12.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
60Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Punjab Kings13.5.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
61Kolkata Knight Riders VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad14.5.2022MCA Stadium, Pune7.30 PM
62Chennai Super Kings VS. Gujrat Titans15.5.2022Wankhede Stadium3.30 PM
63Lucknow Super Giants VS. Rajasthan Royals15.5.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
64Punjab Kings VS. Delhi Capitals16.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
65Mumbai Indians VS. Sunrisers Hyderabad17.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
66Kolkata Knight Riders VS. Lucknow Super Giants18.5.2022DY Patil Stadium7.30 PM
67Royal Challengers Bangalore VS. Gujrat Titans19.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
68Rajasthan Royals VS. Chennai Super Kings20.5.2022Brabourne – CCI7.30 PM
69Mumbai Indians VS. Delhi Capitals21.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM
70Sunrisers Hyderabad VS. Punjab Kings22.5.2022Wankhede Stadium7.30 PM

What a summer break it would be this time with two new teams making their Indian Premier League debut this time. There are ten teams in the Indian Premier  League this time, yes you heard it right, 10 teams. More the teams, the greater the competition. These teams are divided into two groups A and B. So what are you waiting for? Hold your breath, be ready for full on masti with cricket and bollywood coming together and watching top batting permonces, bowling performances and fielding performances would be a treat to the eye. The following ten teams are competing in this Indian Premier  League  2022.

Mumbai Indians
Kolkata Knight Riders
Chennai Super Kings
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Rajasthan Royals
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Delhi Capitals
Punjab Kings
Lucknow Super Giants
Gujrat Titans

The teams are  divided into 2 groups group A and Group B.

Mumbai IndiansChennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight RidersSunrisers Hyderabad
Rajasthan RoyalsRoyal Challengers Bangalore
Delhi CapitalsPunjab Kings
Lucknow Super GiantsGujrat Titans

Stay tuned for further updates.

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