Top 10 Deep-Sea Animals: Fascinating Creatures

Top 10 Deep-Sea Animals: Fascinating Creatures

Exploring MBARI’s Top 10 Deep-Sea Animals: Fascinating Creatures from the Abyss

  1. Tomopteris Worms: These deep-sea worms perform an undulating dance to swim and can rapidly change direction without altering their body orientation. Scientists are interested in reverse-engineering their movement for robotic applications.
  2. Crossota millsae, a jellyfish, resembles fireworks when disturbed, with tentacles jetting off in different directions.
  3. The Pacific viperfish has large teeth that protrude outside its mouth, acting as bars to trap prey.
  4. The strawberry squid has one big eye for detecting prey shadows and a small eye for bioluminescence.
  5. Feather stars, akin to sea stars, surprise observers by swimming despite their appearance as stationary flowers.
  6. The amphipod, Phronima, appears scary but is fascinating for its predatory behavior, dwelling inside other animals’ carcasses.
  7. Pompeii worms are exceptionally heat-tolerant, living near hydrothermal vents and breathing through a unique adaptation between hot and cool water.
  8. The bloody belly comb jelly, with its bright red coloration, creates a mesmerizing rainbow effect as light reflects off its teen rows.
  9. The vampire squid feeds on drifting matter from the sea surface, using sticky filaments, contrary to its name’s implication of blood-sucking.
  10. The barreleye fish astounds with its transparent head revealing upward-facing green eyes that can rotate to track prey above, a mystery solved by scientists.
Credit: MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

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