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Best Free Website Builders software that could be the great solution for free website development. Nowadays there are great amount of different free website builders and it’s not so easy task to understand this diversity. Each website builder strive to be better than the others – to be more comfortable, more powerful, more functional. In fact not all web builders are equally good. We’ve analyzed tens of free website builders, weighed their advantages and disadvantages, and according to this we’ve created the current rating.
As selection criteria we took into account: functionality of free version, features and usability of visual editor, presence of drag & drop; editor, number of available free web templates, their quality, special options, SEO friendliness, possibility to upload your own layouts and much more. And of course – all selected by us website builders allow to create free sites without any special skills in programming, HTML or web design. This is so easy that even a child can do this.

A simple page bearing information can do such wonders that it’s become so important for businesses to develop their own web presence. Prior to going through any advertisement in the newspaper, magazine or phone, it is natural for your customers to surf through your website and acquire more information about your business. Nowadays, it is truly simple and inexpensive to build your own website. Use the following website builders to enable you create, publish, and maintain your business’s website on your own:

  1. wix

Developing websites based on flash has never been so easy and neat. HTML pages are created by website builders that are free and claim a unique position in this dynamic web world. Wix provides a quick and simple option for individuals that don’t possess any previous experience with coding, and allows you to develop attractive and feature-rich websites.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace believes in portraying the wildest ideas in beautiful ways for the people who choose to work with them. Apart from a few important promotional tools, there are a number of other things that come with their website builder platform. Their e-commerce website templates are not only beautiful, but they provide their clients with overall control of the business image.

3. Weebly

Weebly provides you with a really simple website builder. All you need is a few minutes of your day in front of your PC, and the website of your dreams will appear before you, using Weebly’s simple tools. They also offer features that allow you to do essentially anything with your phone, from placing orders to checking out inventory.

4. offers you a custom domain name for free. In addition, you have all the free accounts along with secure and dependable web hosting. What’s more, you can enjoy a few quality SEO tools for free. This simple website builder will actually assist you in setting up an email address for your business – all for free.

5. Jimdo

Jimdo is a website builder that’s quite simple to use and neat in appearance. Apart from using custom designs, it allows you to add text and pictures, as well as to generate your chosen URL. You don’t need to handle codes for inline editing. A single click and you have all your blog posts, social network buttons, and forms within the site. You even have the ability to update while you’re on the move.


With, you’ll be able to develop your business page and connect with customers instantly. They have an innovative team of social media experts that can help you create a page about yourself and develop a fan base around it. You’ll gain more Facebook likes and get more engagement from your fans than ever before. The page can even be marketed professionally.

7. Sitey

Sitey offers a host of tools that you need for developing your website. Your dream website stands can be easily created through merely selecting your preferred template and dragging and dropping content. These templates can be used for social organizations and rock bands, to individual portfolios and small businesses. It just takes a few minutes to create your website – and all withing a few clicks. Through Sitey’s website builder, you also get a secure host and a Google-friendly responsive platform!

8. IM-Creator

IM-Creator enables you to utilize multiple designs and smart content blocks. By customizing, mixing designs and adding new sections to your website every now and then, you learn to enjoy publishing content on your site through IM-Creator. Through their platform you can create responsive sites without hiring developers or bothering with complicated codes and images.

9. Virb

Virb (now owned by go daddy) provides some unique features as a portfolio builder. Usually attracting owners of private galleries, Virb allows users to arrange photos simply, on top of easily setting up a website. They offer music integration, allow you to share your personal choice of music for your target audience.

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