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Actress Lizzy Caplan Shares Views on Instagram and Sexiness in HuffPost Interview

Actress Lizzy Caplan, who is known for her roles in “Mean Girls” and “Masters of Sex,” opened up about her views on Instagram and sexiness in an interview with HuffPost.

When asked about whether or not she finds Instagram sexy, Caplan replied, “I don’t know if I find Instagram sexy. I find it fascinating and horrifying and strange.”

Caplan went on to explain that she is intrigued by the way people curate their lives and present themselves on the social media platform, but also acknowledges the negative effects it can have on mental health.

“I think it’s a weird time to be alive,” she said. “I think social media in general is a very complicated thing for people’s psyches and people’s emotions and I don’t know if we’re built to handle it.”

As for her own approach to social media, Caplan says she doesn’t take it too seriously.

“I have a very love-hate relationship with it,” she said. “I try to not get too bogged down in the comments or the likes or the views or any of that stuff. I think it can really mess with your head if you take it too seriously.”

Caplan also discussed her own sense of sexiness, saying that she doesn’t necessarily see herself as a “sexy” person, but rather tries to embrace her own unique qualities.

“I think it’s more about feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing that the qualities that make you unique and different are what make you sexy,” she said. “It’s not about fitting into some mold of what society thinks is sexy.”

Caplan’s perspective on Instagram and sexiness highlights the complex relationship that many people have with social media and their own sense of self.

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