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Do you believe doctor’s are boosters for our medical needs ?

Doctors! We never think about them until we are in pain. They treat us and mend us, and we thank the gods. On this doctor’s day, let us take time to appreciate some beautiful souls, the doctors. 

The first ever Doctors Day was celebrated on the 1st of July, 1991. It’s been two decades and one year. That we Indians have dedicated a day to our saviors. This started with Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a celebrated physician and the second Chief Minister of Bengal. His birthday, as a tribute to Dr. Roy’s contribution to the health sector, is celebrated as Doctors Day. 

Doctors play a pivotal role in our lives. They enrich our lives by treating us and helping us with a speedy recovery. They spend their whole lives making us better and making us healthier. 

Recently we went through a pandemic that changed our perspectives on life altogether. Not only that, but it made us appreciate our life and loved ones. During the times of this crisis, when stepping out of the house was almost a crime and just as dangerous, the doctors worked day and night to get us through. They forgot their families, their loved ones, and their lives altogether to make our country and its people stand on their feet again. 

Even amid this chaos, many people attacked the doctors themselves and held them responsible for all the wrongs, but they, being the righteous and caring selves, stood by and took care of us. This shows their dedication to their profession and the people. 

They kept up their resilience and worked hard with ferocious tenacity without caring about themselves. To have a good doctor is a joy that reassures us and makes us hopeful of our recovery. 

And like Seneca, the Roman philosopher said, “People pay the doctors for his trouble; for his kindness, they still remain in his debt.” 

So, dear doctors, we are grateful for your care, your dedication, and for all the sacrifices that you made to make us better. It certainly isn’t easy to think about others before yourself, but you keep doing it every day.

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