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There is this old saying that, ‘sar salamat to paghdi hazar’ which means if your health will be good then everything else can be achieved. Since the pandemic has happened many people have become very much aware about their health and fitness. At the same time, there is large amount of people who do not pay attention to their mental and physical health. 

Due to unhealthy food and lifestyle there are end number of diseases happening around the world. The vegetables are full of chemicals, the air quality is getting poorer, workload has affected many people’s mental health, and the list goes on. In this scenario if we do not become extra careful of our health, we may get one or more health diseases. According to studies, within next 10 years, there will be one person suffering from cancer in each family. This kind diseases not only damages our body, but it also affects our mental health, family life, and financial security as well. Although we have health insurance and other ways of paying for our illness, but we are not able to see the future cost of this kind of health issues. 

Even after you recover from any health issues, there are high chances that the treatments affects you in a way that your body does not function the way it used to. That is, many illness can damage your body permanently.  

If we look into this issue closely, we will be able to understand that our lifestyle has the big part to play in maintaining our health. There is high need to understand the way our body functions so that we can make accurate changes in our life. According to Ayurveda, our body always responds to our food habits and daily activities. For example, a person who has higher amount of gluten in his/her body, will have small white dots around their upper arms. This way there are many signals which our body gives us to make us aware about what is going inside. That is why our first step to maintain our health can be understanding our body. 

Second important point can be doing certain kind of exercises or yoga. This can help our body to be active. As our bodies have become used to comforts of travelling via vehicles other services due to that we rarely make physical efforts. And to break that cycle, yoga, exercises, sports and other physical activities can help us. 

Another important state could be our diet. According to nutritionists and health scientists, food that is less processed is best for our bodies. The drinks which we call ‘a fruit juice’ go through many processes to taste in a certain way. And there are so many food items that goes through the same process. So it is best that we make conscious choices in the food that we consume. 

And the last step is the one which can help us to maintain our mental and physical health both. That is meditation. There are a number of surveys which suggests that meditation can cure a lot of your physical problems. As it helps us to calm ourselves. To conclude, taking one step at a time with consistency can get us better results in maintaining healthy bodily functions.

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